Budapest scooter rental


What better way to discover the great city of Budapest than by using one of our comfortable scooters!

Retro Robogó has a fleet of 50 cc & 125cc scooters that are all ready to go. The stylish Retro scooters with matching helmets and strong locks will make you the coolest people in town!

Our service staff is fluent in English and German and more than happy to get you acquainted with the scooters and driving style of the locals. Since July of 2012 we also have private scooter city tours. Multiple routes do not only show you the tourist highlights but also the hidden gems that are just out of the way. Go there quick, comfortable and safe using our brand new 4-stroke scooters. Check out for more information on our tours.

Scooter Rental 60 km/hr (50cc)

Prices for 50cc scooter rental are:

-3 hour scooter rental - EUR 12,00 per scooter
- Day time scooter rental (10:00 - 17:00) - EUR 19,00 per scooter
- 24 hour scooter rental - EUR 22,00 per scooter
- 48 hour scooter rental - EUR 37,00 per scooter (only EUR 15,00 per day extra!)
- 72 hour scooter rental - EUR 52,00 per scooter
- 4 day scooter rental - EUR 64,00 per scooter (only EUR 12,00 per extra day!)
- 5 day scooter rental - EUR 76,00 per scooter
- One week scooter rental - EUR 88,00 per scooter
For longer term rental prices please contact our office directly.


For each scooter a deposit required. Easiest way is to leave your international ID at our store for the duration of the rental. Alternatively you can make a deposit via a credit card blocking of EUR 200,00 or by leaving this amount at the store! 50 cc scooters can be driven with a regular B-driving license (Car). According to Hungarian law it is not allowed to drive a 50cc scooter with 2 people. 


Scooter Rental 90 km/hr (125cc) - Vespa

Want to rent a scooter but in need of more power? We at Retro Robogó have Vespa 125cc scooters available for rent. The scooter rental includes one helmet, a lock as well as third party liability insurance. 125cc Motor Scooters can be driven by two people!

Prices for 125cc scooter rental are:
- Day time scooter rental (10:00 - 17:00) - EUR 30,00 per scooter
- 24 hour scooter rental - EUR 35,00 per scooter
- 48 hour scooter rental - EUR 55,00 per scooter (only EUR 20,00 per day extra!)
- Every extra day only EUR 20,00 per day

- Extra helmet + EUR 2,00 per day!
For long term rental prices please contact our office directly. 

For each scooter a deposit of EUR 300,00 is required. Deposits can be made either via credit card blocking or cash. For 125cc scooters a valid passport or international ID should be left in our office. 125 cc scooters can only be driven with an A-motorcycle driving license. Additional helmets are available for EUR 2,00 per day.

For more information please write us an email at, call us at +36704320444 or visit our scooter shop in the Ráday utca 23 (corner of Ráday and Mátyas utca). We are open every day from 10:00 till 18:00 except Sunday. For Sunday please make a reservation and we will open up especially for you!


Hope to see you soon,

Retro Robogó Team!